About us

About us

We are Roar Plants and we makes homes greener. We do it with a green mission statement, so we try to use as much as possible ecological solutions.

We have our own nursery, and our plants grow in volcanic soil and coco substrate.

In the store’s assortment you will find rare plants from the Araceae family, such as Monstera and Philodendron and all the plant accessories you need.

Our idea

Selling plants is not everything, we do a lot more!

Healthy plants

We only ship healthy plants. We take great care in preventing predators. In our plant nursery, we regularly use beneficial mites and other, ecological methods of preventing predators. Each plant is checked for diseases and insects before shipment.

How we pack

We pack all parcels with the less waste idea. Our packages are plastick free. Most of the materials we use comes from recycling. We use recycled paper and biodegradable loose fill. Despite ecological solutions, plants feel safe in shipping.

Selected specimens

We are a small family store. Most of the plants we offer have grown in our private collection. They were carefully selected and loved. You will not find ugly plants from wholesalers here, we focus only on the best quality seedlings.

First steps with plant

We want our plants to be happy in their new homes. Therefore, in each package, we include an instructions for handling the plant. We also create a lot of content to support new plant parents.

Plant support

Our contact with you does not end with the shipment of parcels. We provide plant support and help in problematic situations. If something bad happens to the plant after some time, we always try to help. Just write to us on the chat and describe your problem.

High Quality

We use only high-quality substrates and professional fertilizers for care. We only sell well-rooted cuttings. Because of that, you can be sure that you will get a healthy and strong seedling that quickly adapts to new conditions.

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How did we start?

Roar Plants is a family business. One day we dreamed of creating a place full of greenery and sharing it with others. We also wanted this place to support natural products and small businesses. We want to share with you products that are in line with our values and nature. We live in a small town in Masuria, so we decided that you will be able to buy all our products online without leaving your home jungle.

Who stands behind Roar Plants?


She is a real plant freak. She takes care of plants that we send to you with the greatest sensitivity. In her free time, she writes a plant blog called Stacja Plantacja and runs an Instagram account with the same subject and name.


He takes care of all technical matters in our store. He cares of the website, so you can shop from the comfort of your home. He is also responsible for marketing.


He still sniffing around and stays on guard of the highest quality of all our products. These weirdo is responsible for contact with the client and leads plant support. He also receives all requests for complaints and returns. Don’t worry, he never loses anything.